Last December we invited young people from the Asia-Pacific region to submit project proposals for the webinar.

The proposals included a detailed description of the project’s topic, motivation and aims, as well as a production plan. Over a dozen groups from all Asian subregions sent their proposals covering a broad array of sustainable development issues. Konrad-Adenauer-Stiftung (KAS RECAP) and Hongkong American Center  (HAC) selected the five best groups to participate in the webinar. These proposal convinced us as they have a clear understanding of the SDGs and presented visually interesting and communicative ideas. They involve communities and have potential for further improvement.

The webinar started with online courses and discussion the  four SDGs and what they mean for a sustainable future development in Asia. The teams examine online resources and enrich the extant material with their own contributions.  They exchange their opinions, experiences and ideas with the organisers and external experts.  A special focus is on how to implement the respective SDGs in their home countries. In each session participants meet face-to-face online to review the discussions and results.

In summer, the creative-productive part follows. Based on what the participants learnt, each team makes a multimedia product (“the essay”) about a selected topic. This can be videos, but may include other issues such as audio, text etc. The essays deal with sustainability projects the teams have previously started to implement in their community. They tell these stories by highlighting the human dimensions of the problems that communities grapple with in achieving the goals of the SDGs.

In November representatives from each team will the Asia-Pacific Ministerial Summit on the Environment 2018 in Singapore. Ministers and other high-ranking government representatives will meet to coordinate their countries’ joint efforts in climate related sustainable development policies. Nongovernmental and civil society organisations from Asia-Pacific will seize the opportunity to join the Summit. The five project teams webinar will present their multimedia products to the ministers and participants. They further will take the opportunity to get in touch with other NGOs and build networks around Asia.



May – June 2018: Deeping the knowledge of SDG

  • May 8               Finalists notified
  • May 8-17          Finalists to join workshop course, post profiles
  • May 18-19        Participate in webinars for introductions
  • May 20-25        Presentations and forum discussions about SDG 7
  • May 26              Participate in webinars for idea sharing about SDG 7
  • May 27-31        Presentations and forum discussions about SDG 11
  • June 1-2            Participate in webinars for idea sharing about SDG 7
  • June 3-7            Presentations and forum discussions about SDG 13
  • June 8-9            Participate in webinars for idea sharing about SDG 13
  • June 10 – 14     Presentations and forum discussions about SDG 9
  • June 15-16       Participate in webinars for idea sharing about SDG 9
  • June 17 – 30     Review progress and generate ideas for multimedia essays

July – August 2018: Developing and Presenting the Project Ideas

  • July 1 – 13          Develop and share storyboard ideas, give feedback on forums
  • July 14 – 15        Creativity focus webinars: share storyboards
  • July 16 – 27        Study video techniques, develop draft videos, give feedback
  • July 28 – 29        Creativity focus webinars: share draft videos
  • July 30-Aug 10   Develop WordPress sites to host multimedia essays, give feedback
  • Aug 11 – 12        Creativity focus webinars: share websites
  • Aug 13 – 24        Finalize videos and websites, give feedback in forums
  • Aug 25 – 26        Creativity focus webinars: share final multimedia essays
  • Aug 27 – 31        Upload final productions to WordPress, YouTube, Google Drive

September 2018: Final Production

  • September         Final production of video collage about project

November 2018: Presenting to the International Public

  • November 6      Participating at UNEP/UNESCAP Asia-Pacific Ministerial Summit on the Environment 2018 in Singapore
  • November         Awarding of best projects and publication of the projects